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fma_genderswap's Journal

FMA Genderswap
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FMA Genderswap

Welcome! This is the community for those who enjoy both Fullmetal Alchemist and genderswap - the phenomenon in which someone's 'canon' gender is inverted, either as an AU plot device (Edward and Alphonse were born the Elric sisters) or for some other reason (Hawkeye was sucked into the Gate, becomes a man, etc etc). "Half"-genderswitch is also allowed - breasts on an otherwise male Ed, for example. Genderswitch can be serious, humorous, horrific, or sexy - the sky's the limit!


1) Respect fellow community members. Concrit/disagreement is allowed, by all means, but respect everyone's right to have an opinion. If you are not a fan of a particular pairing/character/cheese dancing, that doesn't mean someone else isn't allowed to!

2) Similarly, no spamming/trolling/flaming. If you dislike genderswitch, why are you here? If you want to advertise - please don't. Note that the exception to the "no advertising" rule is that community members may post links to auctions for genderswitch doujinshi and such - that is considered on topic.

3) Fanfic/fanart/long posts behind cuts please. To prevent destruction of friendslists.

4) No plaigarism - fanworks must be credited. This should go without saying, but if you didn't write it or draw it, don't claim that you did. If you do not know the source to a picture or fanfic, say so and ask - someone else might know :)

5) NC-17 rated material must be friends-locked. No exceptions. Minors may not view NC-17 material.